Hi, I am Roain Amini and I am a marketing professional.

If I had to describe my self in one word, I would say, “hybrid“.

I am a marketer, a strategist, a half done physicist, a graphic designer, an amateur web developer, a techie, a photographer, a handy man, and also a wannabe blogger.

I am currently the assisting Marketing Manager at McKkr’s but I have passion beyond corporate management. I have more than half a decade of experience in marketing and technology which has given me the knowledge to transform ideas into value driven endeavors.

My typical day

My typical days involves a lot of planning and digital marketing work. I design and executive email marketing campaigns for various brands and services, while managing social media activities for a dozen accounts and pages. Plus, I get to do a lot of graphic design which I love with passion. Most of my days go by really quick because of the nature of projects and campaigns, but occasionally I get to slow down and spend time on the heart of marketing – conducting marketing research.


From Physics to Business

I always had a passion for science and started my undergraduate studies as a Physics major in Canada, however, after two years I reflected on the opportunities I would have as a graduate. There was little hope on the horizon, unless like a bad investor I dump good money on bad money. So I made a life changing decision, and put the brakes on my studies.

After taking a few months off to sort my priorities I had one of the best experiences of my life. I luckily got an opportunity to spend time with my uncle who had a small retail distribution business. Day-in and day-out, I observed how he managed his business and family life, which inspired me to look beyond money. This is when my passion for business and sales took off. I went back to university to study business and marketing, meanwhile, I started my IT support company to help me financially. Over the next 5 years I dedicated myself to marketing and business studies, and for the first time I was out of the four walls of classrooms and labs. I was learning more than I ever learned in an academic environment for what felts like an eternity.

I believe the depth of the ocean can only be measured by the courage to go deep. My decision to jump into the dark waters made all the difference.

My Skills Brief

I develop and execute more than half a dozen marketing campaigns through various channels in a given month. I plan these campaigns to cross sell, remarket, acquire leads, increase brand awareness and establish customer loyalty.

One of the primary marketing channels I focus on is email, which is very effective in a B2B market. I run four targeted email marketing campaigns a week for various services and products to a customer base of over 10,000.

For B2C and B2B markets I use Social Media to increase engagement and improve social awareness for our brands. I manage over a dozen social media accounts and supervise writers to generate keyword optimised and socially relevant content.

I employ various SEO and SEM tactics on multiple website to increase search engine ranking, improve result frequency on targeted keywords, maintain search ranking for corporate keywords and track user behaviour through Google Analytics and other tools.

I am a proficient graphic and web designer with over 7 years of firsthand experience. I have designed dozens of branding and marketing collaterals; website front-ends, both business and e-commerce; and I have in-depth knowledge of almost all mainstream graphic design and web development software.

Over the past 7 years I have managed multiple projects including; development and execution of marketing plans for new businesses, products and services; migrating paper based businesses to cloud applications; supervising the development of a cloud application for freight forwarders; and launching multiple e-commerce websites.